Yeti of Chaos on her balcony, right after being tattooed, 25.04.2002


A big, big fan and Yeti after the concert in Berlin, 04.05.2002


A guy I met after the Blind Guardian gig in Stuttgart, 07.05.2002 - and me :-)


A Swedish guy I met at the Sweden Rock Festival 2002. Met him again at the Blind Guardian Concert in Gothenburg, 6.09.2002 :-)


Yeti & Marian, Wacken 2002


Naoshi Aoshima, Wacken 2002

He sent me another picture!! :-) See it here:



Peter, Yeti., Johanna and Marian, Wacken 2002


Vithril, Vienna 12.10.2002 right before the Blind Guardian concert

This great picture I got from Hurin. He has Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor, adorning the Mirror Mirrior Single, on his back

This here is Tithum's arm. He wrote in my guestbook... ;-)

I got another one of him. See it here:


This man is just amazing...

... and now it comes....

This man really did it... He gave his dragon guitar the background...

Those two Tattoos belong to Ern.
He's one of the happy Americans finally being visited by the Bards in the U.S.

Here we have the arm of Richtus. He gave me the link to his pic in the Blind Guardian Forum.
Have a look on his page here:

Do you know what's really cool?
I met a girl at the "Blinde Gardinen" gig in Krefeld on 15.05.2003. She hasn't just the same tattoo (just even better) than I do. It's also the same size, the same arm... and she has the same name as I do!!!


Take a look at beautiful Annika!! (on the 2nd and 3rd pic on the right :P)




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