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Map of Coburg in Germany
Map of the Open Air area in Coburg
A festival plan
The festival plan on the map

A Link to the train company "Deutsche Bahn"
ÖPNV (Öffentlicher PersonenNahVerkehr = Busses in the city)

Additional maps
Info about BGS

List of Links - if you still want to look up something ;-)

Coburg is right here in Germany:

I the local organizer is "Veranstaltungsservice Bamberg".

The adress is

BGS Gelände Coburg (Coburg)

Lauterer Straße
96450 Coburg

And the gym (which I was looking for on the map - but it's just the entrance From The Other Side)

ehem. BGS-Sporthalle

Von-Gruner-Straße 17
96450 Coburg


The following map I grabbed at (German only, sorry!!). It shows very good, that the BGS area is a Open Air area where you can put on your tent. The terrain shall be able to catch 10.000 people. And as it seems, they also sell just as much tickets.


This is a closer view which was posted on the official homepage:


I interpreted it this way on the map:


I also asked - for the very far travelling Metalheads without any ticket won't have to worry of they stand in front of the doors at a sold out event: Thy do not intend to let you stand in front of the doors! ;-)

If you don't travel by car, the other good way is taking the train.

Here's the main link to the german train company "Deutsche Bahn":

And here the direct link to the english schedule:


* note: search for "Coburg", "Hauptbahnhof Coburg", or "Coburg Hbf"

Here's about how to travel from the main station by bus to the BGS area:

Best is to take Line 2 and 9:

click for whole net plan

Here are the time schedules for Lines 2 & 9:

Line 2 weekdays
Line 9 weekdays
Line 2 saturdays
Line 9 doesn't go on saturdays
Line 2 sundays
Line 9 doesn't go on sundays

Check here for the fees

There's also a FAQ. But only in German yet. Will translate it somewhen ;)


Here are some more maps by - available in German, English, French, Dutch, Danish, & Italian!!

Overview Germany
Overview Frankfurt - Coburg
Overview area "Frankenland" with the Highways
Overview Coburg 1
Overview Coburg 2
Overview Coburg quarter 1
Overview Coburg quarter 2
Overview Coburg BGS 2
Closest view



Following some information about the BGS-Area (BGS-Gelände)

BGS is the abbreviation for "Bundesgrenzschutz". During the time Germany was splitted into East and West, this organization cared for border incidents. But now that Germany is one country again, the BGS is having other duties.

So the location of Coburg, which faced close to the formerly frontier, was closed on 14th Feb. 1999. The area is being used now for sports - or Blind Guardian festivals :-D

More information about the BGS and the German history concerning this place you might find here (in German only - SORRY!!):


Thanks again to Isa for giving me the following link and confirming me.

So here is the list of links from where I got most of my information:

Maps My favourite map site for many Eurpean countries City maps in Germany
Transportation Busses in Coburg (ÖPNV) Trains in Germany

About the festival itself Veranstaltungsservice Bamberg - local promoter no need to explain, eh? ;-)
About Coburg & the BGS The town's homepage The BGS

About the BGS

About the BGS Last not least: the adress! ;-)


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